The Covenant

Grand Master

Is the Guild Master. The Grand Master should be one who reflects the guild. They usually take charge in decision-making, working directly with the Overlords in discussing guild issues. This does not include personal problems. Guild members experiencing individual problems or quarrels with each other should seek the assistance of a Highlord. This is to be done only under certain situations, meaning if a personal matter has escalated to a point where the guild is now being affected. The issue may then be relayed from a Highlord(s)and brought to the attention of the Grand Master and the Overlord(s).


Guild management. Overlords have overall control of the guild behind the scenes. They manage the guild, Web pages/forums, problem solving, and coordinating upcoming game events. Overlord’s sole responsibility is to keep the guild running smoothly and making the experience exciting for all players! Overlords are not obligated to assist anyone with quests, raids or personal problems – see Highlords. If you have a problem with web stability or problems with guild management, the Overlords should be able to assist you with these issues.


Highest ranking commanding officer. Highlords should have the reputation of a great leader and have in-depth knowledge in low level and major raid dungeons or Rated Battlegrounds. They should be excellent team players and group leaders. Highlords work directly with Overlords and the Grand Master in planning Major Raids or Battleground sessions. They should have an idea of how suited the members are for upcoming Raid/PVP events. Being that they assist members in other game sessions, they will be able to choose members to attend these runs. They should also remember that everyone should have a chance to do these events. Plans should be made for a second group if the number of players permit. By assisting these types of events, it will help the players get a better idea of what they need to do and what kind of equipment they should have to achieve a successful session.


Caretakers of the guild. Lords assist High Lords in helping with the guild members. It could be by power leveling or other types of raid or dungeon/PVP content. When helping the guild members to level through dungeons or battlegrounds, the lords should keep in mind that they are training them to become cooperative team players. When a spot opens for these particular players to be a part of a new Raid/PVP group, the transition should be easier for themselves as well as the rest of the group. Good team players are needed! Now knowing that the Lords and Highlords have worked with these lower ranking members, they may have some power in deciding what players of lower rank will have the opportunity to do these greater raid sessions.


Those who are taking up this position in becoming a lord will be preparing to achieve the rank of Highlord. So if you feel lord is the highest rank you want to achieve, being a lord is not the position for you. Only those who are serious in becoming Highlords are capable of becoming Lords.


Requirements for Becoming a Lord: Must be an active guild member and the rank of Raider. One mailed recommendation to the Grand Master from present Lord(s). Member will be interviewed by two members of Highlord rank or greater. Time of meeting will be scheduled and sent from in-game mail or verbally through Ventrilo.


The Alt characters of our Grandmaster, Overlords and Highlords.





Experienced Raid or PvP players. They are punctual, geared, and equipped for every event. Raiders are always first to be chosen to attend Raid or Battleground events. To achieve rank of the Raider, the member must have a good standing with fellow officers and a reputation of understanding their player class, knowledge of the dungeons/battlegrounds, and must always be prepared.


Requirements for Becoming a Raider: Must be an active guild member and the rank of Soldier. Must have played three consecutive weeks with the raid(s). One mailed recommendation to the Grand Master from present Lord(s). Member will be interviewed by two members of Highlord rank or greater. Time of meeting will be scheduled and sent from in- game mail or verbally through Ventrilo. It is possible to lose your rank by poor attendance and not notifying Raid leaders in advance if you are not able to participate in that particular event. If members are demoted, they will need to go through the same process to regain their status.


Active member of Metal Meth.





The Alt characters of our guild members.





New comers to Metal Meth.

Duties for the Highlord or Lord

Must be able to host a raid group independently. Get involved in helping members group up for raids or battles. Minimum two runs weekly for two hours or more. * Maximum four runs a week. When scheduling sessions, please try to keep the same schedule week after week. If you won’t be able to attend your own session, you may do it at a later time or ask another Lord or Highlord to take over that session temporarily. *The time limit past 2-3 hours is strictly up to the Lord to decide. Lords should let players know that if 2-3 hours is all you have to do the run, they should not expect more. The Lord should also keep in mind no one wants to run an incomplete session.

Privileges for the Grand Master, Overlord & Highlords

While raiding with a full guild group the ranking Officer may have a one- time “Must have” (able to loot item of choice according to the spec they are currently playing at that time) once a week for that raid run. If there are two or more Highlords requesting a “Must have” over the same item, a roll for the loot between the players will take place. A “Must have” can only be used with a 95% guild participation raid session. After attaining an item from a “Must have”, the Highlord loses all chances to attain Epic drops for the rest of the raid run with the exception of a “Free roll” ( a mutual agreement from the Raid to be able to have a random roll chance at the loot) or “Greed roll” (a mutual agreement from the players of specific class/spec who are able to use that item).


Unlimited repairs for all their characters in the guild, also known as the Elites. Players ranked Highlords or greater will have full access to to gems, enchants, materials and gear to buff their Raid/PvP characters (two Highlords per person limit). These characters in most cases will not switch during a raid session. The reason for a person to attain two Highlords is to be able to split the time for two Raid/PVP events.* Highlords can be only attainable through The Grand Master or Overlords. Lords will be considered the same rank as raiders. They will receive the benefits of Highlords when they attain that rank.

Lord & Raider Benefits

As a one time reward when becoming a Lord or Raider, they will be able to have full access to gear enchants, etc., that might be available to them in the guild bank. This access will be strictly used to buff or gear their character according to class and spec. It will also open the option for them to receive rewards, gifts, gold, gear, or prizes. +20 to loot rolls to all guild members of lower rank. These benefits will only work with a 95% group participation. If there are pugs attending (5%), the Highlords & Lords should decide if a loot council or standard raid rules will be applied towards gear. This rule will still be in effect for guild members of lower rank.

New Players

All players when invited for the first time to the guild must Raid or PvP with the guild 3 consecutive weeks in order to get a rank of Raider or higher. If the person(Who has no character in the guild at the present time.) out side of the guild has been raiding /PvP with the guild for 3 consecutive weeks, giving that person rank over Soldier must be gone over with the Grand Master or Overlords.